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Why Barnabas?

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Through a series of events starting in the spring of 2009, I realized that I could not do life on my own. On October 10, 2010, I rededicated my life to Christ. The following Wednesday, I heard a message that forever changed my life’s mission.

Our pastor shared a story of a man named Barnabas. His name means the “son of encouragement.” He is forever known as “The Encourager” because he inspired and energized the disciples and all those that crossed his path.

Also, in October 2010, a co-worker named Beth Fordham thanked me for the enthusiasm that I brought to a project we were working on. She shared with me that enthusiasm comes from the Greek word entheos, which means "God within." Then she thanked me for encouraging our team along during the process.

A lightbulb went off!

I was being thanked for encouraging others and for my enthusiasm … I was being just like Barnabas! Then I thought, “What does the world need more of?” Encouragement.

So, ever since I have set out to be a Barnabas to all those that God places in my path.

In August 2019, I learned that my position at Prisma Health Tuomey Hospital was being eliminated. I decided that I did not want to apply for a job in Columbia and instead should take a step of faith to do more ministry and possibly even have a part-time job.

Following that decision, a pastor friend of mine, Rev. Bill Langford, was coaching me on a few things and simply planted a seed. He said I should start a business helping churches and ministries with social media and marketing. I brushed it off, but the idea kept coming back.

In the days that followed, God helped me see that I was to use my nearly 18 years of experience in the communications business to keep telling stories.

As I’ve told people for years, “Every day (at Tuomey) I get to be a cheerleader and promote the great things that our team members did inside and outside the walls of the hospital.” So, now I’m just expanding my borders.

I also hope to encourage a few people along the way and tell a few more stories. So, what better name for my new company than Barnabas Marketing, right?

As Paul Harvey would say, “Now you know the REST of the story!”

Give me a call and let’s tell your story!



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